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Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
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Helen's Outreach & Workshops

Since 2004 Helen Hill MFT has presented (at last count) over 200 workshops on topics including: health and wellness issues, psychology and treatment issues, human potential, marginalized populations, accepting ourselves and others, and the fears, hopes and frailties of living. Performing workshops with both small and large audiences, Ms. Hill is comfortable in a variety of settings and conditions. Her ability to improvise allows Helen to be successful and flexible to meet the needs of my audience.

Helen has the unique experiences of being a psychotherapist working with gender variant individuals, and her own personal experiences of having lived in both genders. She is direct, knowledgeable and competent. Utilizing humor and frankness in her presentations, she is able to bring the audience into an experience which is human, understandable at many levels, and able to motivate.

Venues have included: Pacifica University – Carpinteria, University of Southern California (USC), University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA), DuPaul, Columbia College, University of California – Riverside (UCR), University of California – Davis (UCD), Chapman University, California State University – Long Beach (CSULB), SRO Public Housing, Project New Hope, and Homeless Health Care, and small community groups as well.

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Give Helen a call @ 310-779-7795 or Email Helen to discuss or schedule a workshop for your group, agency,company, or class.